Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Badger Goes to Bootcamp

The tapestry of peace is a collection of the most delicate threads. Though elaborate and ornate, its fabric is woven from the ephemeral and fleeting nature of patience and understanding. In the presence of a few gifted diplomats, the strength of peace can seem natural and enduring. But the strains on such a fragile construct are immense. And without constant attention on the part of the peacemaker, the roots of conflict inevitably find their way to the surface. If unchecked, these seedlings can tear asunder the tranquil fabric of disarmament.

The tapestry that held together the month long detente in the Badger's ongoing battle with the Wolf has finally lost its most important weavers. The Lobo's parents are departing the field of battle and returning to their home in the Great White North. In their wake they leave a tenuous peace. A peace nurtured by the goodwill of shared briskets and sausage casseroles.

Peace Weavers

The Tejon knew that this day would inevitably arrive. Though content with the brief respite from battle, he long understood that the nights filled with laughter and slow cooked kosher meats were temporary. An uncertain future awaits. And the Badger reasons that if he is that much better prepared for the looming resumption of aggression, he might once and for all take the upper hand in this conflict.

With this in mind he has thrown himself into a rigorous training regimen. His goal is to return his mental and physical faculties to the steely tenacity they enjoyed before the arrival of the Lobo's parents.

First was the ceremonial shedding of the locks. Just as a recent recruit into the armed services is forced to undergo a hasty and humiliating shaving of the head, the Tejon directed his most trusted ally to spare no abuse in quickly disposing of his long hair. Though this element of bootcamp can be unpleasant, it instills within the initiate a sense possibility and rebirth. This was certainly true in the case of the Badger.

Stung by the Abuse of an Ally

The Point of No Return (Unless You're Canadian)

Having Realized He'll Need to Apply Sunblock to His Ears

Next he began the physical half of his training. The photos below depict the Tejon engaging in the battle tested practices of one-armed push ups and abdominal crunches. Though his smile may make them look easy, rest assured they most certainly are anything but.

Badger Battles Gravity

Putting Jean-Claude Van Damme to Shame

What the future may hold for the Badger and the Wolf remains a mystery. There is no doubt, however, that while the Lobo wiles away his days thinking fondly of his last brisket, the Tejon has accepted the mantle of battle. The next move belongs to the Wolf.

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