Saturday, March 6, 2010

Badger and Wolf Battle Dolphin....Together?

There are occasions when even the most vicious of battles are halted in the name of dignity and understanding. Times when extenuating circumstances trump the brutality of warfare. Most readers are probably familiar with the tale of German and French soldiers laying down their arms on that fateful Christmas in 1914. They sang songs, played soccer, and shared in yuletide revelry for one day before returning to the trenches and resuming battle. Well Christmas came early in the ongoing conflict between the Badger and the Wolf. And as chance would have it, it took the form of a dead dolphin.

Few things smell worse than rotting flesh. Those who have experienced this olfactory nightmare know that even men and women with ironclad constitutions can be brought to their knees by this most putrid of stenches. It is thus that when the Wolf approached the Tejon and asked for assistance in removing a particularly malodorous dead dolphin from the beach in front of his house, the Badger had no choice but to help.

For the Tejon may be many things, but he is not heartless. He does not revel in the unnecessary suffering of others. His operations against the Lobo are not malicious in nature. They are merely a series of wartime calculations designed to bring a rapid end to an unpleasant conflict.

In addition, on this day the Wolf's parents happened to be visiting from Chicago. And the Badger, ever cognizant of the shifting complexities of battle, saw the potential to win some hearts and minds in Camp Lobo.

The series of photos and videos below depicts this brief d├ętente. If there are those amongst you who think that perhaps the Tejon has lost some of his edge, fear not. For just as the French and German soldiers returned to combat after their brief respite, the Badger has already laid plans for a renewed offensive.

The Wolf Bearing Implements of Destruction

An Uneasy Alliance

Badger Intimidates with Display of Brute Strength

Wolf Offering Assistance

Wolf Thinking Better of It

Help From a Trusted Ally

The Wolf's Parents: A Potential Fifth Column?

One for the Ego

Crips and Bloods? No, Badger and Wolf

A Final Reflection on the Nature of Peace

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