Friday, March 5, 2010

Badger Battles.....A Mighty Thirst

The strains and pressures of battle are hard on every man. Covert conflicts are perhaps the most taxing because they require personal and close quartered contact with the enemy. Strict attention must be paid to each action undertaken and every word uttered. A single mistimed operation or misplaced sentence can jeopardize the entire campaign.

Such constant vigilance can tear at the very fabric of sanity. Without the occasional release that fabric can begin to fray. And if the stress upon it is ignored altogether it will inevitably be torn asunder by the sheer brutality of the forces acting upon it.

The Badger is well aware of these forces. And as has been documented in the past, he makes ample use of his hammock as a means of exorcising the lingering effects of sabotage and deception. There are instances, however, when the maniacal depths of the Lobo's insanity bear within the Tejon an agitation that cannot be wiped away by the gentle swaying of the hammock or the sweet release of malted barley and hops. There are times when the Badger seeks something stronger. Something capable of burning the Wolf's insidious dysfunction from the depths of his soul.

For these instances the Tejon turns to the languid fire of tequila. Not only is it the spirit most extensively available, but it also offers an intangible asset in the Badger's ongoing conflict with the Wolf. For if there is one thing the Lobo fears more than God's wrath, it is the incursion of anything Mexican into the vicinity of his Mexican compound.

With this knowledge fresh in his mind, the Tejon has developed a fiendishly inventive system for procuring his tequila. Sure, it is one thing to go to the local bottle shop and purchase a ration of the amber elixir. This might afford the Badger a vehicle for his release and perhaps at best disturb his enemy with the knowledge that someone close to him is under the influence of a foreign intoxicant.

It is quite another, however, to don the traditional garb of the jimador and distill the liquor yards from the Lobo's doorstep. In the photos below we see the Tejon engaged in the centuries old process of crafting tequila. We can only imagine the existential dread experienced by the Wolf as he watches the dexterity with which the Badger prepares the agave. We can only wonder at his distress as the acrid smell of the distillation process fills his house. And we can only marvel at the devastating potential of seeing the Tejon's most trusted ally (also donning tradtional garb) prepared for a wild and lavish fiesta.

Wielding the Tools of Cultural Contamination

Having Sampled the Fruit of his Labor...

Enemy at the Gates

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