Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Badger Battles.....Scorpion

Most readers have probably surmised that the Badger has a deep affection for eating. The photos featured in previous posts attest to this fact. What may not be so easily gleaned, however, is the fact that the Tejon enjoys preparing his food almost as much as consuming it.

Amongst other things, the ritual of fixing the evening meal offers yet another outlet through which the Tejon can slough off the accumulated daily stresses of engaging the Lobo. This part of the afternoon is generally split between quiet meditation on the day's events and relaxed speculation as to what the future might hold.

It can happen though that various forces conspire to crush the serenity of the moment. Instances where extenuating circumstances pull the Badger from the cathartic bliss of chopping vegetables or arranging coals for the grill. Though these diversions are neither welcome nor appreciated, they comprise an inevitable aspect of jungle living and thus force the Tejon to abandon his zen cocoon and reluctantly respond to the matters at hand.

Today we find the Badger in the midst of just such a scenario. In this case he has been assailed by a deadly scorpion as he prepares to light the barbecue. For most men such a discovery would not only spoil the calm tranquility of the moment, but also announce the probability of a prolonged and agonizing death. For the Tejon it is just another task preventing him from enjoying his meal. Remember, the Badger spends his days battling a foe more infernal and insidious than any scorpion.

The series of photos below depicts the Tejon as he nonchalantly faces down the formidable adversary. Watch as his combat hardened reflexes take control. Behold as he puts his most trusted ally at ease by making light of a serious situation. And finally observe him as he steals one of the Wolf's most brutal battlefield tactics and dances a brief jig on the body of his vanquished enemy.

Comfort in Charcoal

An Unwelcome Dinner Guest

Kiss of the Badger

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Dance of the Wolf: Reinterpreted


  1. Fuck the scorpion... let's get down to brass tacks; is that a longsleeve Spooner !?!?!?

    Me: "Is that a longsleeve Spooner?"
    Finster: "Yeah, I only wear it on special occasions"
    Me: "What's the occasion?"
    Finster: "Gettin' waaaaaasted"

  2. Unfortunately mine comes out for all manner of occasions