Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Badger Battles.....Snake?

Though it may be hard to believe, occasionally an instance arrives when the badger is forced to set aside his ongoing conflict with the Lobo. It isn't that he is bored of the battle or that he concedes defeat. No, it sometimes occurs that a more pressing matter is placed in front of him. Often the Tejon is forced to address grave and pressing matters concerning the safety of his surroundings. In these situations the daily struggle that typifies his life as Lobo's neighbor takes a back seat to the demands of the present. These occurrences will be documented as an ongoing series. The hope is to offer the reader a window into some of the outside expertise Tejon has developed in approaching his conflict with Lobo, and ultimately assuage any doubts as to who holds the cards in this whole imbroglio.

In this scenario we find Tejon face to face with a large boa. That the boa is already dead is of no import. Rather what is significant is the panache with which he handles the corpse and suavely poses for a photo. Approaching a snake is tricky business and the Tejon has discovered that the most efficient means of dealing with them is to avoid them altogether. However, in the event that a machete wielding Mexican has already smashed its head and left it dead in the road the rules of engagement change. Here it is advisable to advance upon the beast and lift it by the tail while a willing ally snaps a quick photo. This photographic evidence can later be used to impress upon the enemy (Lobo) the masculine virility of his adversary. Take a glance at the video to see the master at work.


  1. If only Eden would have had more machete wielding Mexicans…

  2. What a paradise it would have been!