Saturday, February 20, 2010

Badger Battles.....Horse!

Many of you may remember the Badger's encounter with what surely was at one time a fierce and savage boa. In that instance he stylishly approached the snake and raised it into the air while an ally captured a quick photograph of the event. To be sure, this was a bold and direct course of action.

There are instances, however, that call for a measured and prudent approach. These scenarios require the Tejon to consider a wide variety of tactical options before committing to a specific path. Often in these cases he utilizes the expertise of those who can bring specific skills to the matter at hand. Though perhaps not as daring or exciting as facing the issue directly, it is here that the Badger exhibits the collected and calculating aspects of his character. For what could be more intimidating to the Lobo than an adversary capable not just of courageous acts but also the strategic recruitment of outside resources?

Trouble Ahoof

We thus join Tejon in the midst of just such a situation. A pair of equine trespassers have compromised his fence line and he is forced to remove them from the property. Faced with the unpredictability and size of the beasts, he recruits the assistance of the Lobo's man-servant, Dario (A potential intelligence asset--More on that in a later post). The video below, though grainy, depicts the two men approaching the horses. While the Tejon watches cautiously from behind, Dario brings his years of experience to the table and confidently tosses a coconut at the haunch of the closest animal. Though startled, the horse reacts just as expected and the visitors vacate the premises forthwith.

A quick note to the readers:
The Badger is in many ways a great and real lover of animals (Thank you, Black Nasty). He has been known to fraternize and frolic with dogs and cats alike. He can count amongst his past pets, rats and hamsters and even an especially cantankerous cockatiel. It is thus that he imparted upon me the importance of warning everyone that only qualified and experienced individuals throw coconuts at the rear ends of animals.

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