Thursday, February 25, 2010

Badger Battles.....Slothly Stasis

Jungle living can be difficult. After walking and swimming and surfing and chopping weeds with a machete the Badger often needs a rest. For this he relies upon his trusty hammock. Situated beneath a palapa roofed ramada and beside a palm trunk table, it offers the perfect combination of shade and easily accessible beer.

Badger Break

There can be times, however, when the siren song of the hammock calls even before the daily chores have been completed. Times when the temptation of ample back support, a gentle swinging motion, and a frosty beverage create the potential for a perfect storm of idle frivolity. These instances are perhaps the most dangerous to the Badger. For just as Odysseus understood the deadly ruin beckoning from the rocks, the Tejon knows the implications of a life devoted solely to hammock time.

Book, Beer...Grass Eating Mongrel

Besides the painfully obvious health complications that accompany a sedentary lifestyle, there remains the image he projects to the Lobo. While it is important that his adversary see him at rest, it is equally essential that he not be mistaken for a soft touch. He understands the delicate balance between one capable of engaging in periods of quiet meditation and one wholly seduced by a life of unproductive leisure. He further understands just how paramount this balance is in his battle with Lobo.

To achieve this balance the Tejon has developed a complicated, but effective logarithm. To render it in understandable terms would require a computer far more powerful than anything available here. But Tejon has agreed to summarize it for the readers. Here is a window into the vast and powerful mind of the Badger:

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